Ryan J. Walters

I am a certified IT Support Specialist with 4 years of management experience and 10 years of experience in service industries looking for a full time position.

I recently completed the 8-month-long Google IT Support Specialist Certificate, which covers IT Support, troubleshooting, networking, cybersecurity, directory services, and more. I am a quick learner with excellent written/verbal communication skills, excellent customer service skills, and beginner to intermediate level understanding of HTML/CSS and Python. I currently live in Milledgeville, GA, USA and am open to remote work, or on-site work in middle GA or Atlanta. My favorite IT topics are networking, security, and customer service!

My Story

My journey to Information Technology did not a follow a clear or direct path. I got my Bachelor's degree in Philosophy at Mercer University and wrote my thesis on medieval philosophy. After a few years in the music industry, I started waiting tables, which quickly turned into a fruitful management position.

With years of experience in both restaurant management and the music industry, customer service and satisfaction now come naturally to me. It's never a matter of whether the customer is always right, but which solution is right for the customer.

I believe that this mentality coupled with my affinity for creative problem solving will make me a great addition to any IT team. When managing a restaurant, there is often nobody else to turn to. You are the final safeguard when something goes wrong. Being put in this position many times I learned some valuable lessons, but most notably this: the solution is not always what you first expect, but there is always a solution.

This is something I applied to my own life when I started learning Python during the COVID-19 lock down, encouraged by a close friend in the tech industry. I would sit at the bar and take curbside orders because our dine in was closed, all the while printing my first "hello world!" into the Linux console my friend and I had dual booted on my laptop.

That was over two years ago now, and keeping a restaurant afloat through a pandemic has kept me seriously busy. While leading the restaurant from the worst months in its history to its best, I made sure to continue my studies on the side with the goal of one day starting my career in tech.

Late 2021, after lots of introspection and a bit of research, I learned about the CompTIA A+ Certificate and the Google IT Support Certificate. Always messing with and fixing the computers at the restaurant, and always being my family's resident IT department (as I'm sure every person in the industry can relate to), it seemed absurd that I had not considered the option of being an IT professional before.

Not to mention, with my vast experience setting up audio equipment and computers for live shows and music studios, the move to IT began to make a lot of sense. Once again, that valuable lesson came into play. The solution is not always what you first expect. As soon as I made this decision, I began studying for both certificates. Currently, I am certified through the Google IT Support certificate program, with which I hope to secure an entry level position as I continue working towards the A+ certificate.

The restaurant I have managed since 2018, Metropolis Cafe, will always have a spceial place in my heart, and will forever remain an important chapter in my personal history. While part of me will greatly miss my customers and friends in the restaurant industry, the lessons I have learned will always stay with me as I begin my career in Information Technology.

Thanks for taking the time getting to know me! If you'd like to know more about me or think I might be a good fit for your IT team, check out the resume page on my website, and please feel free to send me an email! Otherwise, I'd still love to connect with you on LinkedIn!